The RACING LINE is suitable for the roller ski racers.

For races in CLASSICAL TECHNIQUE Ski Skett offers two models, both equipped with 700 mm Alu frame and PU racing tread wheels; FAST CLASSIC 3 and 2.

For SKATING the right model is FAST SKATE.


Race Fast Skate (ex Cobra)

To be competitive in roller ski races, a special model is required to obtain those high speeds. The model FAST SKATE is your winning ride for competitive roller ski racing, according to F.I.S. rules.

Race Fast Classic 3 (ex Biturbo)

If you want to beat your competitors on uphill races, the right choice is FAST CLASSIC 3, a traditional three-wheel model suitable for your races using classical technique. All wheels are ratcheted and supplied with watertight and rust resistant bearings, in order to preserve the sophisticated ratchet system.


Race Fast Classic 2 (ex Nord RC4)

For racing on classical technique using a two wheels model choose the FAST CLASSIC 2. It offers a high stability and excellent traction; the ratcheted wheels are equipped with fast bearings, all watertight and rust resistant, in order to preserve the sophisticated ratchet system from sizing.