The ELITE LINE is dedicated to the most demanding and professional athletes, who have a good technical knowledge in the specific discipline of the cross-country skiing.

For CLASSICAL it includes two-wheels models ELITE CLASSIC ALU and ELITE CLASSIC FLEX, dim. 40×74 mm, available in different speeds and hardness.

For SKATING, two models dedicated to advanced skiers, with its big wheels 24×100 mm, available in different speeds; ELITE SKATE ALU, ELITE SKATE FLEX.


Elite Skate Alu (ex Shark)

The SHARK is a skating model designed for very fast training rolls. It has wheels which allow the user to roll his foot inward prior to pushing off the inside edge of the wheels in the same way a skier pushes off the inside edge of his ski.

Elite Skate Flex (ex Flex 100)

It is the ELITE SKATE ALU version but with a very comfortable frame, suitable for long skating training session. It is equipped with slow wheels, but it is available also and extra slow version.

Elite Classic Alu (ex Nord)

For skilled skiers in the classic technique the ELITE CLASSIC version offers the optimal training. This model is equipped with soft rubber wheels of a similar width to a cross country skis.

Elite Classic Flex (ex Flex CL)

With ELITE CLASSIC FLEX you will experience the feeling and speed of being “on-snow”; this is optimal for training in the classical technique and the choice of Elite World Cup and Olympic cross country skiers. This model incorporates a carbon fiber frame with forks forged from stainless steel.