Bonnets et Bandeau

Some items are simply different. You take them in your hands and you immediately realize that … you’ve seen so many similar, but these ones have something extra ….it is the fabric, so unique, to remember certain starry nights or the snowy expanses up there in the North, where the cold and fresh air makes colors shine … .It is the handmade pompom,  knotted one by one, as grandmothers once did … it is perhaps the special mesh lining inside so particular to keep warm and at the same time away sweat … it is the care they were made … but it is sure, you cannot call them simply “caps” … just wear them and understand that it’s a different story ..   

On request you can customize our caps and headbands as you like. A very useful option especially for ski clubs and ski schools. There are many possibilities regarding the fabric, the model, color and fantasy. The minimum order is 10 pieces.

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