The Ski Skett roller skis range is completed with a wide choice of accessories, among which are the effective and innovative brake STOP & GO, patented Crestani Sport, alongside the now well-known and appreciated reducer SPEED REDUCER, already on salethe version 2015, as well as LED LIGHTS (applicable to the brake and roller skis) CARRYING BAGS and BACKPACKS, SPLASHGUARDS, POLES, TIPPED FERRULES and all the necessary equipment for the care and maintenance of roller skis and their wheels.
TIPS about the POLES’ LENGTH. The length of the poles is measured from the tip to the base of strap and it depends on the technique that you use and your height. In general: for classical technique is height = x 0.85, for skating = height x 0.90. This measure may be slightly increased if you have a good and strong muscles in arms and upper parts’ body.

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