Off Road


The OFF-ROAD LINE for roller skiing is suitable also on grass and unpaved roads.

For CLASSICAL TECHNIQUE, CROSS CLASSIC 3 and for SKATING, CROSS SKATE 2 (in the version with or without ratchet).


Off-Road Cross Classic 3 (ex Ibex 3)

This is the Off-road version for classical technique equipped with three big inflatable wheels which allow to roller skiing on not asphalted roads, even uphill, with great stability. Excellent tool also for ski touring training.

Off-Road Cross Skate 2 (ex Ibex 2)

The CROSS SKATE 2, with its big inflatable wheels, is the ideal model for roller skiing on rough, off-road tracks, grass, away from the asphalted surfaces.
Strong and at the same time light, this model can be used on every courses and it is the ideal tool for enjoying your outdoor skating training.