The SPORT LINE includes easy-to-use models for those new to the activity of roller skiing.

For CLASSICAL TECHNIQUE it presents two models the SPORT CLASSIC 2 and 3.

For SKATING TECHNIQUE it includes two-wheels models SPORT SKATE ALU and SPORT SKATE FLEX, dim. 30×80 mm, very stable and comfortable, but suitable for doing the lateral step. They are available with wheels of different speeds and hardness.


Sport Classic 2 (ex Bull)

The two-wheels model very comfortable and stable, suitable for both skiers with less experience and for those Nordic skiers who need a comfortable shock absorbing roller ski for a good aerobic training on less than ideal road surfaces.

Sport Skate Alu (ex Fire)

The skating model for both adults and young people, designed with wheels which allow the user to roll his foot inward prior to pushing off the inside edge of the wheels in the same way a skier pushes off the inside edge of his ski.

Sport Classic 3 (ex Alp 3)

The three-wheels training model for classical technique with great stability and comfort.

Sport Skate Flex (ex Flex 80)

It is the SPORT SKATE ALU version with an elastic and very comfortable frame, equipped with PL wheels (slow or extra slow).